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Paper #4                                                                             

Meaningful Work and COVID-19: A Way Forward through LDW Model

Umair Ahmed and Abdussalaam Iyanda Ismail

Abstract: The authors in the current paper objected to presenting a simple and actionable model for businesses to respond to the growing concern of employees` lost meaningfulness during the COVID-19. The study presents the LDW model, referring to leadership, employee development, and work-life-balance as core areas of focus for management and organizational authorities. The model is presented to help employees build a sense of meaning, purpose in their work, understand the significance of their contribution and individual value that appears to vanish due to uncertainties faced by every single business worldwide. The paper also discusses the importance of employees` sensing the work as meaningful and how it serves organizations in achieving their goals and objectives. In addition, the authors have also detailed concerning the need for responding to this issue and how it can be helpful in robust consequences for businesses, particularly during COVID-19. The LDW model not only offers the basis for addressing and responding towards the concept of meaningful work but is a route forward to countering any crisis affecting employees` sense of well-being, connectivity and contribution with the work.

Keywords: Meaningful work; Covid-19; Pandemic; LDW model; Well-being.

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